Pinewoods Kids Camp is a half-day program,

running 9am-12pm on July 18-22.

Ages 6-12 are invited to join us for fun, games, crafts and Bible stories with a twist!

Kids Camp is OVER!

Deep Sea Slide Show-2.mp4

A crew of deep sea explorers from the Sea Exploration Agency are on a mission to explore the deepest depths of the ocean, in search of knowledge about its Creator — and you’re invited too, as a SEA agent in training!

As our crew travels deeper and deeper below the surface, experience the wonders of creation, face a few challenges, and discover that knowing our Creator doesn’t require a special badge or a submarine.

Our faith grows deeper when we spend time with God, spend time with others, use our gifts to serve, and share our stories of faith.

A Look Back At ...

Pinewoods Kids Camp 2021

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